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Lannister Stammbaum

Eintragsinformationen. Geburtsinfo, Stadt Warren Mississippi USA. Heirat, Jahr Stadt Antwerpen Belgium. Tod, Jahr Stadt. Häuser- und Charakterübersicht ✓ Game of Thrones Stammbaum seine Frau, Königin Cersei aus dem Hause Lannister; ihr Sohn, Prinz. Myrcella Baratheon; 7. Tommen Baratheon; 8. Kevan Lannister; 9. Lancel Lannister. Die Lannisters gehören zu den reichsten.

Figuren im Lied von Eis und Feuer

Haus Lennister von Casterlystein (im Original: House Lannister of Casterly Rock) ist eines der. Figuren im Lied von Eis und Feuer gibt einen Überblick über die in der von George R. R. Martin Tywin Lennister (im Original Tywin Lannister), Lord von Casterlystein und Stammbaum des Haus Targaryen mit englischer Beschriftung. Häuser- und Charakterübersicht ✓ Game of Thrones Stammbaum seine Frau, Königin Cersei aus dem Hause Lannister; ihr Sohn, Prinz.

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The Rains of Castamere by Jaime Lannister - Game of Thrones: Histories and Lore Season 7

Most notably, her younger son Tion was killed by Rickard Karstark as retaliation for Jaime killing his sons. Unfortunately, this also gave him blinders when it came to threats Automat Spielen House Lannister. View all Streaming Sites. Over the years, Tygett tried to forge his independence, but he and Tywin never had a pleasant relationship. Neueste Artikel zum Thema Game of Thrones. Sansa ist überaus glücklich darüber, in Zukunft Königin zu werden. Da die Krone auch der Kirche immense Summen schuldet, sieht er sich in einer starken Position. Stannis beabsichtigt, sich eine neue Machtbasis im Norden zu sichern, um damit wieder in den Kampf Twitch Champion.Gg.
Lannister Stammbaum House Lannister of Casterly Rock is one of the Great Houses of Seven Kingdoms, and the principal house of the westerlands. Their seat is Casterly Rock, though another branch exists in nearby Lannisport. Their sigil is a golden lion on a field of crimson.[1] Their official motto is "Hear Me Roar!" However, their unofficial motto, equally well known, is "A Lannister always pays his debts."[2. Lannister Stammbaum Stammbaum der Familie Lannister von Casterly Rock. Tytos Lannister Jeyne Marbrand Kinder: Tywin, Kevan, Genna, Tygett und Gerion; Tywin und Joanna Lannister Kinder: Cersei, Jaime und Tyrion; Kevan Lannister und Dorna Swyft Kinder: Lancel Martyn und Janei; Tygett Lannister und Darnessa Marbrand Kinder: Tyrek. Haus Lennister von Casterlystein (engl.: House Lannister of Casterly Rock) ist ein Hohes Haus der Sieben Königslande. Die Lennisters regieren als Wächter des Westens die Westlande.1 Ihr Sitz Casterlystein liegt an der Küste zum Meer der Abenddämmerung.2 Sekundärquellen zufolge zeigt ihr Wappen einen goldenen Löwen auf rotem Grund.3 Das offizielle Motto lautet: "Hört Mich Brüllen!", das. I, however, am as innocent as a little lamb. A Lannister always pays his debts. In more recent times, during the lordship Poker Company Tytos Lannisterthe house fell on hard times. There is no limit to Lannister pride or Lannister ambition. She offers him the position of Hand, which he declines unless he can also assume the regency. After the Selaesori Qhoran wrecks, they are captured and sold into slavery. Tywin was never a jovial man, but when Joanna died birthing their third child, Tyrionhe was much saddened. Through the female line Ksc Regensburg Lannisters boast of descent from Lann the Cleverthe legendary trickster of the Age of Heroes who tricked the members of House Casterly into giving him Casterly Rock [5] during the era of the First Candy Crush App Kostenlos. Their sigil is a golden lion on a field of crimson. When King Joffrey unexpectedly dies at his wedding feastCersei wrongfully accuses Tyrion of the deed. Ermesande Hayford. Relevante Themen:. Unter anderem klagt er auch Cersei der Unzucht an.

The Lannisters suddenly appear as First Men in historical records of the Age of Heroes , ruling large portions of the westerlands from Casterly Rock just as the Casterlys vanish from the chronicles.

They claim descent from Lann the Clever , the legendary figure who tricked the Casterlys from Casterly Rock.

According to a semi-canon source, members of lesser branches of the family left Casterly Rock and developed a nearby village into the city of Lannisport , forming House Lannister of Lannisport.

During the coming of the Andals to Westeros , King Tybolt Lannister initially fought the invading Andal warlords and adventurers who ventured into the westerlands, but Kings Tyrion III and Gerold eventually took a policy of arranging marriages between them and the daughters of the local First Men houses.

They also took Andal sons and daughters as wards and fosterlings at Casterly Rock to prevent betrayals such as those that had happened in the Vale.

Thus the Lannisters became an Andal house, though their First Men name lived on. Her nephew, the King of the Rock, began a war which left the Iron Islands impoverished.

House Lannister possessed an ancestral Valyrian steel greatsword called Brightroar , but it was lost when King Tommen II Lannister went on a quest to Valyria and never returned.

The two armies met in the Reach, where the combined might of the Reach and the Rock broke Aegon's army.

Their army, dubbed by historians 'The Host of the Two Kings', numbered fifty-five thousand men; five thousand of them mounted knights, while the Targaryens had only ten thousand men, many of uncertain loyalty and reliability.

With their smaller force severely weakened and in danger of routing, Aegon and his sisters deployed all three dragons at once; the only time this happened during Aegon's Conquest.

Their combined fires scoured the battlefield, immolating more than four thousand men including King Mern and his heirs and giving the battle its name: The Field of Fire.

The Lannisters were also involved in the Targaryen civil war, the Dance of the Dragons. The head of House Lannister at that time, Lord Jason Lannister , supported the greens , along with his brother Ser Tyland Lannister , the master of ships and a member of the small council during the reign of Viserys I Targaryen.

Tyland was named master of coin at the start of the Dance, and he seized the royal treasury and divided crown's gold into four parts. One part was entrusted to the care of the Iron Bank of Braavos for safekeeping, another sent under strong guard to Casterly Rock and a third to Oldtown.

The remaining wealth was used by the greens for bribes and gifts and hiring sellswords. The Lannister host under Lord Lefford was then shattered in the Battle by the Lakeshore , the bloodiest battle of the war.

After the fall of King's Landing , Tyland was given to torturers in the hopes of recovering some of the crown's treasure.

The great rebel general Ser Quentyn Ball defeated him outside the gates of Lannisport. Damon and his heir Ser Tybolt participated in the tourney at Ashford Meadow.

Damon was defeated in the first tilt by Lord Leo "Longthorn" Tyrell , while his son defeated his opponent to become a champion. Tybolt inherited the lordship from Damon when the latter died of the Great Spring Sickness.

In more recent times, during the lordship of Tytos Lannister , the house fell on hard times. Tytos's weakness allowed him to be bullied by his vassals, Houses Reyne and Tarbeck.

Eventually his son Tywin crushed the Reyne-Tarbeck revolt and restored the house to its former glory.

When Aerys was held hostage by Denys Darklyn , Tywin's conservative approach took six months to resolve the Defiance of Duskendale.

This instigated Aerys's paranoia and drove a wedge between the two, along with the king's lusting after Joanna Lannister , Tywin's wife, cousin, and trusted confidante.

Despite Tywin's attempts to ensure a strong legacy, life at Casterly Rock was dysfunctional at best. His twin children, Cersei and Jaime , began an incestuous relationship at an early age.

Tywin was never a jovial man, but when Joanna died birthing their third child, Tyrion , he was much saddened. His brother, Kevan , became his right hand and their sister, Genna , took a maternal role over the children.

His second brother, Tygett , died of a pox, and their youngest brother, Gerion , sailed off on a journey to Valyria , never to be seen again. Cersei, while a young maid, visited a woods witch called Maggy the Frog , who shared portents of Cersei's future that planted seeds of her paranoia.

Cersei possibly murdered her friend Melara Hetherspoon , who had witnessed the prophecy. Tyrion, when thirteen years old, was out with Jaime when he met and married a girl named Tysha , a match which was quickly and savagely ended by their father.

Jaime was a promising young knight, dubbed by Ser Arthur Dayne. Upon this action which he perceived as Aerys "stealing" his heir , coupled with the Mad King's refusal to wed Prince Rhaegar Targaryen to Cersei, Tywin resigned the Handship.

This flew in the face of Jaime's plan, which was to be closer to Cersei: he was kept in King's Landing while Cersei returned to Casterly Rock.

The Lannisters stayed neutral for the majority of Robert's Rebellion. Afterwards, Tywin's daughter Cersei was wed to the new king, Robert I.

The royal marriage and the increasing amount of gold Robert I Baratheon owes to Lord Tywin Lannister have only increased Lannister power.

Tywin attended the tourney on Prince Joffrey's name day in King's Landing. An assassin attempts to kill Bran with a Valyrian steel dagger.

Meanwhile, Tyrion's capture by Catelyn prompted his father, Lord Tywin Lannister , to send Ser Gregor Clegane into the riverlands in an attempt to draw her husband, Lord Stark, into the field, hoping to capture him for an exchange.

She has her cousin Lancel, Robert's squire, supply the king with strongwine during a boar hunt, [43] [44] resulting in Robert receiving a mortal wound in the kingswood.

War breaks out in the Seven Kingdoms , with Jaime winning victories over the river lords at the Golden Tooth and Riverrun. Tywin repels one Stark army under Lord Roose Bolton in the battle on the Green Fork , during which Tyrion and his clansmen participate.

The small council intends for Eddard to take the black if he admits to treason. Joffrey orders the execution of Lord Stark, however, ruining any chance of peace.

The conflict becomes known as the War of the Five Kings. Tyrion, as acting Hand of the King , and Cersei, as Joffrey's regent , compete for influence in King's Landing, [8] with Tyrion constantly outmaneuvering her.

Desperate for allies, Tyrion makes moves to ally with House Martell. After her ship leaves port, the royal party is caught up in the riot of King's Landing provoked by King Joffrey.

Ser Jaime Lannister languishes in the dungeon of Riverrun , despite Tyrion's attempt to free him. Robb Stark bypasses the Golden Tooth , destroys Stafford's army in the Battle of Oxcross , [59] [59] and raids the westerlands.

Tywin is close enough to King's Landing to defend the city when he hears of Stannis's impending attack. Due to Tywin's presence, Tyrion's defensive preparations, and a new alliance with House Tyrell negotiated by Lord Petyr Baelish , the Lannisters are able to defeat Stannis in the Battle of the Blackwater , [63] [64] despite nearly suffering a rout of the gold cloaks when Cersei withdraws King Joffrey from the city walls.

Following the Blackwater, most of Stannis's bannermen declare for Joffrey, and Lord Tywin takes up rule as Hand in his own right.

Within the dungeon of Riverrun, Jaime admits to Catelyn Stark that he had thrown Bran Stark from the First Keep , but he denies having sent the catspaw.

Catelyn Stark , having heard of the supposed deaths of two of her sons Bran and Rickon at the hands of the turncloak Theon Greyjoy , releases Jaime from captivity at Riverrun in an attempt to covertly exchange him for her daughters, Sansa and Arya.

Their leader, Vargo Hoat , has Zollo chop off Jaime's sword hand. Tywin refuses to appoint Tyrion as heir to Casterly Rock , [21] instead making him master of coin [72] and wedding him to Sansa for her claim to Winterfell and denying House Tyrell the chance to wed her to Willas.

Tywin's treachery is accomplished in the wedding of Edmure Tully to Roslin Frey at the Twins , where Robb, Catelyn, and many others are murdered under guest right.

With Renly Baratheon and Robb dead, Stannis Baratheon repelled and with few followers, and the Greyjoys concentrating on the north, Lannister power is at its zenith.

When King Joffrey unexpectedly dies at his wedding feast , Cersei wrongfully accuses Tyrion of the deed.

Oberyn loses, however, and Tyrion is condemned to die. Jaime's return to the capital finds him a changed man, increasingly at odds with his family.

Tywin gifts him with a Valyrian steel sword, but Jaime names it Oathkeeper and gives it to Brienne, asking her to protect the missing Sansa Stark.

During his escape, Tyrion strangles his former lover, Shae , and kills his father, Tywin, with a crossbow. Dead soldiers with bearing the colors of House Lannister have washed up on the Quiet Isle.

According to the Elder Brother , they are buried next to their enemies. Tywin Lannister 's death lingers over the realm.

Cersei resumes her regency , now over the newly-crowned Tommen I , and she sets out to prove herself a better ruler than her father. Ignoring her father's plans, she fills the small council with her own lackeys.

She offers him the position of Hand, which he declines unless he can also assume the regency. Cersei puts out a bounty for Tyrion's head, resulting in the deaths of many innocent dwarfs throughout the Seven Kingdoms , [87] but she refuses to rescind the offer for fear someone might stay his hand.

Despite Tommen's marriage to Queen Margaery Tyrell , Cersei begins to plot against the Tyrells, whom she suspects of intrigue. She gives her maid Senelle , whom she suspects of espionage, to Lord Qyburn , her master of whisperers , for his experiments in necromancy, along with the corpse of Gregor Clegane , who has died from the poisoned spear of Oberyn Martell.

To raise funds to build new dromonds , Cersei defers repayments of all crown debts, [87] angering the Iron Bank of Braavos and the Faith of the Seven , and she also has the High Septon chosen by Tyrion assassinated by Osney Kettleblack.

In Sachen Beliebtheit stehen die meist blonden Sprösslinge allerdings nicht unbedingt an erster Stelle. Sein Verhältnis zu diesen ist jedoch von Kälte geprägt.

Sie verstarb kurz nach der Geburt des Jüngsten. Zu Beginn der Serie ist Jaime ein furchtloser, optimistischer Krieger, der sich aber durch den Verlust seiner Hand und den Abstand von Königsmund zunehmend wandelt.

Trotzdem ist er der Einzige aus der Lannister-Familie, der seinen Bruder Tyrion nicht wie einen Aussätzigen behandelt.

Hinter dieser Fassade ist Tyrion jedoch sehr intelligent, was er kurzzeitig als Hand des Königs und seines Neffen Joffrey Baratheon auch beweisen kann.

Aus diesem Grund wird das junge, unschuldige Mädchen sehr zum Unmut ihrer Mutter zu dem Prinzen verschifft. Das versucht Cersei jedoch, mit einer Inhaftierung von Margaery durch religiöse Fanatiker zu unterbinden.

Er selbst ist ein Ritter, der dem Haus Lannister loyal dient. Unter anderem klagt er auch Cersei der Unzucht an. Du bekommst nicht genug von "Game of Thrones" und willst tiefer in die Welt von Westeros eintauchen?

Alle Häuser und Stammbäume haben wir für Dich in einer übersichtlichen Liste zusammengestellt.

Die Antworten werde ich wie Гblich hier Lannister Stammbaum alle verГffentlichen. - Game of Thrones Familien: Häuser- und Charakterübersicht

Als neu gewählter Lord Kommandant ist Jon unsicher, wie er sich Stannis gegenüber verhalten soll, da die Candy Crush Wie Generator Zerstören geschworen hat, sich nicht an Konflikten im Reich zu Ohne Kreuzworträtsel. Targaryen Family Tree video: Stark Family Tree video: Won't be starti. Haus Lennister von Casterlystein (im Original: House Lannister of Casterly Rock) ist eines der großen Häuser von Westeros. Es gehört zu den reichsten, mächtigsten und ältesten Dynastien. Ihre Ländereien liegen im äußersten Westen des Kontinents, mit einst sehr produktiven Goldminen. Ihr Sitz ist Casterlystein, eine mächtige Festung auf einem Felsvorsprung mit Blick auf das Meer der. Tygett “Tyg” Lannister: Tygett was a skilled knight who excelled in battle and skill at arms. During the War of the Ninepenny Kings, he killed a grown man during his first battle. He fought for House Lannister during the war of the five kings House Lannister is a wealthy, rich and powerful family more than years, dating back from the Age of heroes and Andal invasions. Due to this it has produced many cadet branch and distant relatives. Lannister genealogy and family history facts. Find information about the Lannister family, see the geographical distribution of the Lannister last name. Myrcella Baratheon; 7. Tommen Baratheon; 8. Kevan Lannister; 9. Lancel Lannister. Die Lannisters gehören zu den reichsten. Haus Lennister von Casterlystein (im Original: House Lannister of Casterly Rock) ist eines der. Lannister Stammbaum. Stammbaum der Familie Lannister von Casterly Rock. Tytos Lannister Jeyne Marbrand Kinder: Tywin, Kevan, Genna, Tygett und Gerion​. Im Stammbaum anzeigen. - Mehr 2. Cersei Baratheon (born Lannister). A5nw70_e69pa0j65fa5d. Eltern Mehr 4. Genna Frey (born Lannister).


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